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Wil je een afspraak maken voor een intakegesprek? Of heb je vragen/opmerkingen over mijn coaching en werkwijze? Vul onderstaand contactformulier in en ik kom zo snel mogelijk bij je terug.


It was a very positive experience for me. Especially after identifying and dealing with the negative emotion I felt some tension relieved from my back and shoulders

Xander Koole


Relaxing and peaceful, rejuvenated and organizing peace in thoughts was what interested me!

Ravendra Venkata Ramana


Good way to unwind at the end of the week. Gave me some time away from constantly thinking and that was relaxing & refreshing



Very introspective, I lost track of time and almost forgot where I was until I opened my eyes again. Very relaxing!



I liked the way Rishabhtaught. He remains calm, gave good/clear instructions. It was good that he corrected some positions, so you know/feel the differences. During the relaxation I was amazed about the experience. From “louder voice” to “less louder” to silence, I felt myself “relaxing away”

Ellen Penning


It was very fun, but also very useful. I became more aware of my body and the Yoga Beginner’s course allowed me to relax in a better way during the classes but also at home or at work

Xander Koolen


The Yoga Beginner’s course was well-planned and professional. It slowly brought us to clear improvements. Yoga is a very good practice for your body and your mind. After this course, I want to continue doing it. My overall feedback about the course is very positive

Tamara Manuele


Very good! I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere was relaxed and calm without competition people sometimes display with yoga. Rishabh knows his things and what he is doing. He is very nice and calm and relaxed

Charlotte Verouden


Very good! It can be more extensive (90 mins instead of 60 mins). I missed the background calm music during the yoga exercises but the meditation is good as it is



Very good and relaxing



I enjoyed the topic and the discussions. I also enjoyed making the connection between feelings and the physical response in my body (the awareness)

Valerie Peters


I did not know what to expect. Was nice to take time to “touch ground” again and connect with inner awareness. Relaxing moment at midday and was also energizing



It was very nice and good introduction into the area. I would like to have some follow up or deep dive sessions to be planned

Irene deb Buijs


Helpful to better identify emotions and to have tools to work with them. Very clear explanations and comfortable atmosphere. Thanks!

Erika Jiminez Luebe


Valuable, good build-up of defining emotions first and doing the exercises after. Very insightful!

Carin Pieper


Interesting. I feel really relaxed

Maria Peter


This is my second time in this workshop and I like it. It helps me to understand myself. I feel I am part of a group

Erandi Miranda


I expected some kind of psychological discussion about what the title was suggesting, namely “empowerment”, whereas realization about awareness is just the first step. So it was to some extent not meeting my expectations. But it felt also a bit relaxing

Diana Filip

Yin & Joyfulness

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