Based on the mission of creating Yin and Joyfulness, the following are the services offered to help you in your path for inner peace.

  • Hatha yoga lessons

Based on the Hatha yoga concept (link to Hatha yoga page), the following are offered:

  1. 6 week beginners yoga scourse of 60 mins each
  2. Single Hatha yoga class for mixed group or for advanced practitioners 90 mins
  3. Breathing exercise and meditation class
  4. Pregnancy yoga
  5. Kid’s yoga
  6. Chair yoga for people with limited movement


  • Emotional Empowerment yoga workshops

The relationship between stress and our emotions is something that is felt, but not as easily understood and managed.

In this workshop, we learn how to get in touch and understand our emotions by focusing on two things. The first thing would be to analyze what causes these emotions and how to notice when they arise. The second focus will be on how to let go of negative emotions using your body. Research has proven that these techniques can significantly improve our emotional well-being and inspire positivity in our relationships. The result: a boost in our work and private life. (link to contact)

  • Yoga workshop on Positive Thinking

Due to our busy lives we focus on things that are out of our control which can cause unnecessary stress. Some stress can be useful as it encourages us to think outside the box and can also help us to keep focus in order to get things done. However, our work and personal challenges sometimes overwhelm us bringing on the surface bad habits and unhealthy behaviors. In this workshop, we will learn how to redirect our thoughts, focusing on two things: self-appreciation and gratitude. Seats are limited.

Contact us now, via the online contact form, to find out more. 


It was a very positive experience for me. Especially after identifying and dealing with the negative emotion I felt some tension relieved from my back and shoulders

Xander Koole


Relaxing and peaceful, rejuvenated and organizing peace in thoughts was what interested me!

Ravendra Venkata Ramana


Good way to unwind at the end of the week. Gave me some time away from constantly thinking and that was relaxing & refreshing



Very introspective, I lost track of time and almost forgot where I was until I opened my eyes again. Very relaxing!


Yin & Joyfulness

Choose Yin and Joyfulness as a companion to your path to inner peace!

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