Your energy coach from Eindhoven

Are you suffering from stress in your life and in overthinking things? Do you feel out of balance between work and your private life or that life is on “autopilot”? It’s time to wake up and get back your energy by growing in a holistic way with Yin & Joyfulness. Via energetic cleansing, yoga, meditation and coaching we get to the core of the problem and deal with it permanently. Face-2-face or via Skype. Yin & Joyfulness is present as your energetic coach in Eindhoven.


Energetic healing

 Create more peace and calmness through love and tenderness. We work with touch and healing on an energetic level.

Yoga and Meditation

Through yin yoga we help you to go deeper into yourself. You will learn to let go and slow down to the pace of life.

Together, Holistic living

We take simple steps forward on finding a balance in your body as a whole.


Your energetic coach for positive energy

Choose for an energetic, balanced life. Through love, tenderness and coaching you are guided to let go of your blocked emotions and/or stress.

My Holistic approach

As an experienced energetic coach, I always begin from a feeling of trust and tenderness to help you become more open. Our holistic approach uses different methods: energetic cleansing, yoga, meditation and coaching. Hence, we can approach the problem in different angles and pay attention to your body, mind, emotions and spirit as a whole.

The energetic healing is based on Buddhist and Hawaiian shamanic philosophy. We shift the focus from yang (tension, movement) to yin (rest, calmness). Through touch, the 7 energy points in your body are used to release stress and blockages. This cleansing creates space for rest and a new, calmer way to see and experience the world. Self-love is an important component – after all, this is essential for building pleasant relationships with others.


Want to know more?

My goal is simple: to give you sufficient tools to continue development and to continue to grow. You will live more at your own natural pace. This way you stay healthy and stress free. Do you want to know more? View here an overview of inspiring material and input. You will also find the literature and other sources on which I like to base myself as an energetic coach.

Find out if I can help you as an energetic therapist during an intake. This takes place in a café, at your home or at mine; whatever is more convenient for both of us. I usually work in my home city of Eindhoven and the rest of Noord-Brabant, but also in Utrecht and North Holland, for example. In addition, I use a 'pay as you feel' policy; you pay what you think the session was worth.

Make an appointment by sending me a message. I will come back to you as soon as possible, so that we can soon start working together. For Yin & Joyfulness!


Yin & Joyfulness

It’s time to wake up and get back your energy by growing in a holistic way with Yin & Joyfulness. It is where energetic cleansing, yoga and coaching come together.


It was a very positive experience for me. Especially after identifying and dealing with the negative emotion I felt some tension relieved from my back and shoulders

Xander Koole


Relaxing and peaceful, rejuvenated and organizing peace in thoughts was what interested me!

Ravendra Venkata Ramana


Good way to unwind at the end of the week. Gave me some time away from constantly thinking and that was relaxing & refreshing



Very introspective, I lost track of time and almost forgot where I was until I opened my eyes again. Very relaxing!


Yin & Joyfulness

Choose Yin and Joyfulness as a companion to your path to inner peace!

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