Mission at Yin and Joyfulness:  The mission at Yin and Joyfulness, Eindhoven is to help people reach a state of inner peace
by helping them purify their mental and physical body.

We use Hatha yoga asanas, breathing exercises and guided meditation to purify the mind and physical body. Hath yoga is considered the most ancient system of yoga (link to Hatha yoga page). The basic sequence for a Hatha yoga asana class includes breathing exercises, warm-up exercises, yoga asanas and a final relaxation (link to Services page).  Moreover, workshops are also organized to improve your emotional and mental well-being (link to Services).

Services offered:

  • Hatha yoga classes
  • Workshop on Emotional Empowerment
  • Workshop on Thinking Positive

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Yin & Joyfulness

Choose Yin and Joyfulness as a companion to your path to inner peace!